MacDonald, Betty Bard / Onions in the stew
Author MacDonald, Betty Bard
Title Onions in the stew
Edition 1st Canadian ed.
Publish Date 1955
Publisher J.B. Lippincott Co.
Type Biography (Paper)
LC Call # CT275.M43A39 1955
Genre Biographies
Subject MacDonald, Betty Bard--Homes and haunts--Washington (State)--Vashon Island
Authors, American--20th century--Biography
Vashon Island (Wash.)--Social life and customs
Country life--Washington (State)--Vashon Island
Washington (State)--Intellectual life--20th century
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Synopsis The island of Vashon is in Puget Sound off Seattle, and is famous for its gooseberries, goat's milk, butter clams and orchids, and most of all for the MacDonald family -- Betty with husband Don and her bevy of teen-age daughters (only two, but they sometimes seem like ten).
It was here amid the untamed grandeur of fog, raccoons, and 4th century heating that Betty and Don found shelter during the days when real estate salesmen thought they were winning the war by having nothing to rent.
Onions in the Stew is the story of their life on Vashon, told with the same airborne wit and tenacity of her previous best-seller The Egg and I.
Betty tells of the rigours of child raising amid the exuberance of island life.  Snowed in for two weeks the first winter, they dine on cat food and noodles.
And then spring bursts ... along with a few nerve ends.  A riot of gardening follows in a breakneck race to see who can outstrangle whom: Betty vs. the quack grass, and Betty vs. the rampaging wisteria.
But the largest blossoms in the MacDonald garden are daughters Anne and Joan.  No slacker in human relations, Betty guides the reader between the Scylla and Charybdis of adolescence, her obliging girls playing their roles in classic style.
Through all this chaos, Betty manages to keep a level head and paint a beautiful picture of the vibrant Northwest and its healthy, different life..  Her pen is as quick to record the beauty as her eye is to see it in detail.