Smith, Thorne, 1892-1934 / The Thorne Smith reader
Author Smith, Thorne, 1892-1934
Title The Thorne Smith reader
Subtitle nine novels
Publish Date 2012
Publisher Green Light Ebooks
ISBN 9781622400430
Type Fiction (Kobo Ebook)
LC Call # PS3537.M835A6 2012
Genre Fantasy fiction
Humorous fiction
Synopsis The Thorne Smith Reader: Nine Novels by Thorne Smith. This collection includes some of Thorne Smith's greatest works:
  • Topper: The Jovial Ghosts (1926)
  • The Stray Lamb (1929)
  • Turnabout (1931)
  • The Night Life of the Gods (1931)
  • Topper Takes a Trip (1932)
  • The Bishop's Jaegers (1932)
  • Rain in the Doorway (1933)
  • Skin and Bones (1933)
  • The Glorious Pool (1934)
Thorne Smith was a fantastic fantasy fiction writer who sold millions of paperbacks in the early twentieth century. He was famous for his Topper novels as well as the novel that was later adapted to create Bewitched. His witty takes on modern life, sex, and the supernatural makes his unique style.


1. Topper
2. The stray Lamb
3. Turnabout
4. The night life of the gods
5. Topper takes a trip
6. The bishop's jaegers
7. Rain in the doorway
8. Skin and bones
9. The glorious pool