Varley, John, 1947 August 9- / Wizard
Author Varley, John, 1947 August 9-
Title Wizard
Publish Date 1981
Publisher Berkley Books
ISBN 0425054780
Series The Gaean trilogy ; 2
Type Fiction (Paper)
LC Call # PS3572.A724W58 1981
Genre Science fiction
Synopsis Wizard
... returns us to the awesome interior of Gaea, the world-sized alien first encountered in Varley's monumental bestseller, Titan.
Gaea's discoverer, Cirocco "Rocky" Jones, is now herself an inhabitant, plotting wizardry in the remote highlands between two of Gaea's brains. Gaea is old, perhaps dying. Wearily, she assures her usefulness to Earth by performing tawdry miracles.
Enter two pilgrims: Chris'fer, late of San Francisco. And from the Coven on the dark side of the moon, Robin, small, nine-fingered, female with snake ...