Harrison, Harry, 1925-2012 / The Deathworld trilogy
Author Harrison, Harry, 1925-2012
Title The Deathworld trilogy
Edition Book club edition
Publish Date 1960
Publisher Nelson Doubleday
Type Fiction (Paper)
LC Call # PS3558.A667D427 1960
Genre Science fiction
Subject Science fiction, American
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Synopsis They called Jason dinAlt a brilliant interplanetary gambler, but the odds were 100 to 1 that he'd never leave the world of Pyrrus alive.  Warned of the dangers he'd find on the planet -- an orb where all native life forms had evolved into murderous flora and fauna -- Jason's craving for adventure and high stakes nevertheless drove him to make the voyage.
His arrival on the death-dealing planet was the start of a nightmare.  Jason had to be totally reconditioned to the ways and means of survival on Pyrrus.  They gave him a gun which automatically leaped out of its holster and into his hand when there was any hint of danger.  They put him through months of rigorous training in lethal alien environments -- where a fatal blow could just as easily come from a pretty flowered plant as from a horrifying winged bat-beast.
When Jason was finally released, he discovered that the Pyrrans were herded together in one huge walled city, safeguarded on all sides by sophisticated weaponry.  His psi powers -- mental skills he'd developed to aid him at gambling -- immediately picked up the loathing the inhabitants had for their world, a planet that each day retaliated with new and more grotesque horrors of its own.
But something just didn't add up.  Jason knew of a group of farmers, called grubbers, who lived outside the walls of the city.  No harm had ever come to them from Pyrrus' menagerie of terrors.  How could this harsh jungle planet have singled out just these chosen few to protect?
Jason had a hunch the city dwellers had overlooked something gravely important when they first came to colonize ... something so basic that it took the simplicity of the grubbers to understand it.
So, acting only on impulse, Jason made the biggest wager of his career.  He bet his life that he would discover how the jungle farmers kept the planet's horrors at bay, and bring the secret back to civilization before Pyrrus sounded the final death knell for the threatened city ...
Only the first of three exciting novels, Deathworld is followed by two more Jason dinAlt adventures.  You'll travel with him when he is kidnapped and brought to a forbidden planet where men have to kill each other or live as slaves, a world wehre technology has degenerated and fallen into the hands of an evil Brotherhood.  Then on Deathworld 3, where beings are bred for a single purpose, to attack and kill, Jason finds the one spot in the universe where the Pyrrans have a chance to save themselves from extinction.


1. Deathworld
2. Deathworld 2
3. Deathworld 3