Zelazny, Roger / Dilvish, the damned
Author Zelazny, Roger
Title Dilvish, the damned
Publish Date 1982
Publisher Ballantine Books
Type Fiction (Paper)
LC Call # PS3576.E43D54 1982
Genre Fantasy fiction
Short stories
Synopsis Two torturous centuries in Hell left Dilvish with only one purpose: to wreak his vengeance upon the man who had damned him ... Jelerak, the most powerful and feared sorcerer in the land. Escaping from Hell was just the beginning ...
In Dilvish, the Damned, Roger Zelazny recounts Dilvish's adventures after his escape from Hell, and before he meets his arch enemy in ultimate battle in The Changing Land.
In these eleven stories, we follow Dilvish and his companion, the magical steel horse, Black, as they scour the earth in search of Jelerak. Their path takes them to an enchanted city whose movable buildings form a deadly trap; to the palace of the last worshipper of an ancient god, who wants nothing more from Dilvish than his life; to the scene of a massacre a century old, where Dilvish is called upon to right an ancient wrong ... On the way Dilvish finds himself caught in the midst of a war, seduced by a beautiful vampire, used as a pawn in two sorcerers' deadly game for power, and finally standing before the unbreachable walls of the Tower of Ice -- the stronghold of Jelerak the Sorcerer himself.


1. A passage to Dilfar
2. Thelinde's song
3. The bells of Shoredan
4. A knight for Merytha
5. The places of Aache
6. A city divided
7. The white beast
8. Tower of ice
9. Devil and the dancer
10. Garden of blood
11. Dilvish, the damned