Harrison, Harry, 1925-2012 / Star smashers of the Galaxy Rangers
Author Harrison, Harry, 1925-2012
Title Star smashers of the Galaxy Rangers
Publish Date 1983
Publisher Ace Science Fiction Books
ISBN 0441783619
Type Fiction (Paper)
LC Call # PS3558.A667S77 1983
Genre Humorous fiction
Science fiction
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Synopsis The prank that almost destroyed the universe!
It started as a practical joke thrown into a scientific experiment. But the powers it unleashed were awesome and incredible, catapulting Chuck and Jerry together with beautiful Sally and mysterious Old John into the farthest regions of space.
From the bloodsucking Titanians and the flesh-devouring Garnishee, to the mighty Slug-Togath of Proxima Centauri, the more they fought evil the more it seemed to grow, even to possess them in the form of the invisible Lortonoi, engulfing them all in a wild and terrifying cosmic nightmare!